King Charles’ Funeral Plans Updated as Health Declines

( – The British royal family, along with U.K. officials, are preparing to brace for another royal funeral amid the reportedly declining health of King Charles III.

Sources say that while there are pre-existing funeral plans for the British monarch, they are constantly being updated given the sovereign’s health condition, which is generally considered to be on the decline. Charles only ascended the throne in September 2022 following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. There is apparently even a secret name for Charles III’s funeral plans – “Operation Menai Bridge.” The plan is also based on the plans made for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, with the people in-charge of planning making adjustments and updates based on what worked and what didn’t during the former sovereign’s funeral rites.

Anonymous sources with intimate knowledge of the comings and goings inside Buckingham Palace say that Charles’ prognosis is “not good,” despite everyone trying to “stay optimistic” on the future of the current king. In an uncharacteristic announcement, the king disclosed that he has been diagnosed with cancer, and is receiving regular radiotherapy treatments for the condition in London. The type of cancer Charles suffers from has not been named, the only other detail being that it was not prostate cancer. Officials in the palace have also clarified that there would be no “running commentary” on Charles’ condition going forward.

Military officials have also confirmed the existence of funeral plans for the sovereign, but have brushed off the level of importance the media has assigned to the news, saying that such plans are simply part of standard operating procedure.

Despite rumors however, Buckingham Palace, through the @theroyalfamily official Instagram account, announced that King Charles, along with Queen Camilla, will be returning to “public-facing duties.” The royal pair are scheduled to make a visit to a cancer center to meet patients and medical staff, as well as host the Emperor and Empress of Japan, who will be making a state visit to the U.K. in June.

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