Kevin McCarthy Issues Warning to White House

( – More trouble may be ahead for the reelection campaign of President Joe Biden after a massive crowd gathered at Wildwood Beach in New Jersey in support of former president Donald Trump.

Local authorities said that the crowd was estimated at anywhere from 80,000 to 100,000 people. The numbers by far exceeded the expectations of even Trump’s campaign, which had only anticipated attendance being at just half of the crowd that showed up.

Trump regaled the crowd with his tirades against Biden and the current administration, touching on various hot topic issues such as immigration, as well as the multiple lawsuits against him. In fact, the former commander-in-chief led the crowd in chanting things such as “Fat Alvin” – another of Trump’s infamous nicknames for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is leading the prosecution team in his “hush money” trial. The former chief executive also likened himself to gangster Al Capone, whom Trump said was indicted “on ********”. The crowd responded in kind, chanting the expletive Trump had used.

Trump also prompted the crowd to respond with “****” to describe the Biden administration’s messy handling of affairs in the country, and teased his audience by jokingly chiding, “You can’t use the word ****.” The former president also compared illegal aliens to “a wonderful man” named “Hannibal Lecter.” Lecter is a fictional character, a serial killer from the Silence of the Lambs films who eats his victims after killing them.

Reacting to the massive Trump rally, former Republican California representative and former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said that the surge in support for Trump should make Democrats worried for their performance in the elections later this year.

McCarthy, who was booted out of the speakership last year and has since retired from running for public office, said that the uptick in support for Trump is due to the former president’s leadership on “issues they [Americans] care most about.” In comparison, McCarthy said, Biden should lay low, campaigning and talking less, “because he gets in trouble while doing it,” the former House Speaker said.

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