Kellogg’s Recalls Cornflakes Due to Choking Hazard

( – Cereal company Kellogg’s has recalled a new variant of its iconic corn flakes due to their posing a potential choking hazard in certain cases.

The recall covers the cereal brand’s chocolate cornflakes, which is a relatively new product offering by Kellogg’s. The choking hazard lies in the hard lumps seen in some of the flakes that are also said to be possibly hard enough to cause damage to consumers’ teeth.

Kellanova, the European maker of the Kellogg’s, said in the recall notice that the lumps stay hard and do not break down even after being immersed in milk. The notice also said that the incidence of the lumps in the product was “very low level.” The company further clarified that despite the low incidence, it is recalling all stocks as a precautionary measure, and clarified that lumps in cereal are a “normal occurrence” during the food production process but normally break down “when eaten or placed in milk.”

The Food Standard Agency has asked people who have bought the product to refrain from eating it and throw it away instead. Customers are also encouraged to contact Kellogg’s. The recall involves cereals that come in 450 grams that have anywhere from December 6, 2024 to April 28, 2025 as its best before date. A notice posted on the Food Standard Agency’s website reads that “If you have bought the product do not eat it,” adding that the lumps have made the cereals “unsafe to eat.”

The recalled cereal has been sold since January this year at retailers and grocery stores such as Tesco, Londis, One Stop, Budgens, Booker Cash & Carry outlets, and Booker Premier stores.

Kellogg’s chocolate corn flakes are a fairly new entry by the 102-year-old brand into the cereal market. The product was launched earlier in the year and was marketed as a “modern twist” to Kellogg’s much-beloved corn flakes.

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