Karine Jean-Pierre Faces Scrutiny for Comments on Dead American Troops

(RepublicanDaily.org) – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has done it again.

In an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” where she was offering condolences to the families of the three Black soldiers from Georgia who were killed in a drone strike in Jordan, Jean-Pierre said the “three brave folks who are military folks who are brave” were “fighting on behalf of this administration,” quickly attempting to correct the verbal flub by adding, “…of the American people obviously more so importantly.”

The three soldiers – Sergeant William Jerome Rivers, Specialist Breonna Moffett, and Specialist Kennedy Sanders – were killed when an unmanned explosive drone, or “one-way unmanned aerial system” (OWUAS), hit the living quarters of the U.S. base in Jordan that they were sleeping in. The attack, which happened in the early morning, is believed to have been perpetrated by an Iran-backed militia, as the unmanned drone used for the attack is said to be the same as the ones sold by Iran to Russia. The specific group has yet to be identified, and the U.S. military is looking into the matter.

President Joe Biden has pledged that the U.S. will “respond” to the attack, with the Pentagon saying that America will hit back at whoever was responsible for the attack “at a time and place of their [the U.S. military’s] choosing.”

Many Republican observers and commentators were quick to notice the gaffe and point it out on social media. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s press secretary, Jeremy Redfern, called the mistake “disgusting.”

“The idea that anyone in the military is fighting on behalf of any administration is precisely what is wrong with the DC ruling class,” Redfern tweeted.

Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy analyst and former aide to the late and former U.K. prime minister Margaret Thatcher, said that the blunder was an example of why the Biden administration was “amateurish, disorganized, disrespectful and an embarrassment” to the U.S.

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