Jonathan Majors Sentenced to Probation

( – Up and coming Marvel star Jonathan Majors has managed to avoid jail time in relation to his domestic abuse case.

A judge ruled that Majors will be placed on probation, pay a $250 fine, and submit to an in-person counseling program that will last for 52 weeks.

Majors, was convicted in December last year of third degree assault and second degree harassment over his treatment of his girlfriend at the time, Grace Jabbari. He was dropped from the roster of Marvel Studio’s list of talents following his conviction. His last role for the studio was the villain Kang the Conqueror, the next rumored “big baddie” the Avengers will need to fight. Majors also starred as the antagonist in the third installation of the Rocky spinoff, “Creed 3.”

Through the assault trial, Majors maintained his innocence, claiming that Jabbari was the physically aggressive one. He said that in the incident in question where his ex-girlfriend claimed that he assaulted her, it was Jabbari who flew into a jealous rage after reading a text from another woman on his phone. Majors said that he was only trying to defend himself and get back his phone.

For her part, Jabbari claims that Majors assaulted her in the back of a chauffeured car, where she said he twisted her arm behind her back, struck on the head with an open hand, and squeezed her middle finger so hard that it fractured. Jabbari also accused Majors of being manipulative and controlling.

“I became a different person around him – small, scared and vulnerable,” the 31-year-old dancer from the UK said.

Jabbari also scored Majors for his refusal to admit guilt, saying that she believed that if left unpunished, Majors would the things he did to her to other women.

“He will do this again and he will hurt other women,” Jabbari said of her ex-boyfriend. “He believes he is above the law.”

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