Jan. 6 Officer Goes at Trump, Mother Gets Swatted

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Michael Fanone, one of the Washington D.C. police officers who was violently assaulted during the January 6, 2021 riots in the Capitol, said that his mother was the victim of a “swatting” attack just hours after he spoke at an event in front of the Manhattan courthouse where former president Donald Trump’s hush money trial was being held.

Fanone was one of the police officers at the Capitol on January 6, where he was attacked and almost lost his life when one of the rioters struck him in the neck with a stun gun. Other protesters spit on him and called him a “traitor,” he said as he addressed people outside the courthouse. He also called the former president “an authoritarian” that possessed “a violence fetish” for the latter’s support for the events of January 6.

Trump and his allies have repeatedly downplayed the chaos that erupted during the riots, with many claiming that it was only a peaceful protest. Trump himself said that the protesters were only “peacefully and patriotically” making their voices heard.

After his remarks, Fanone reported that his mother became the victim of a swatting attack. A fake manifesto attributed to him was sent to several email addresses, including a high school the officer attended more than 20 years ago. The manifesto indicated that Fanone intended to commit a mass shooting at the school. It also claimed that Fanone had killed his mother, and provided the address of her home.

As a result, police and officers in SWAT uniform descended on his mother’s home in Virginia, where his mother was living alone.

Fanone condemned the stunt, denouncing the danger of sending police and law enforcement in response to an active shooting to an address where “the only person present is a 78-year-old ******** woman.”

“This is the reality of going up against or challenging Donald Trump,” Fanone said, adding that supporters of the former president have no care as to the danger their swatting attacks put people in.

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