Illinois Judge Gets Expelled From Bench

( – An Illinois judge was removed from the bench after the state’s judicial regulatory body found him guilty of “multiple instances of misconduct” following his reversal of a sexual assault conviction of a man against a 16-year-old girl.

Robert Adrian, a judge for Illinois’ Adams County, was removed from the bench after the Illinois Courts Commission (ICC) held a three-day hearing to look into a complaint filed by the state Judicial Inquiry Board against Adrian. The ICC found Adrian guilty of committing “multiple instances of misconduct” as well as abuse of his position and power in order to “indulge his own sense of justice while circumventing the law.”

Adrian sparked national outrage after he overturned the rape conviction of 18-year-old Drew Clinton, who was charged with criminal sexual assault, after Clinton raped a 16-year-old girl at a graduation party in May last year. According to Adrian’s decision, Clinton’s mere 148 days in jail was “plenty of punishment” and a “just sentence” sufficient to atone for his crime.

According to the complaint against Adrian, he acknowledged that he should have imposed a mandatory sentence of four years in prison for Clinton’s crime, but he said that it was “not just” for him to do so.

The victim, Cameron Vaughan, came out publicly, and said that Adrian even blamed her and her parents for the rape, saying that the assault against her was the result of her parents allowing her to drink alcohol and swim in pools with only their “undergarments on.”

Following the decision to remove Adrian from the bench, Vaughan told the Chicago Tribune that she was relieved and “very happy” that the ICC saw “all the wrong and all the lies that he [Adrian] told the entire time.” She also said that Adrian’s removal from the bench meant that he could not “hurt anybody else” or “ruin anyone else’s life.”

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