House Democrats Beg Biden to Reinstate Trump Border Policies

( – An number of Democrats have apparently had a change of heart regarding the U.S.’ current policy towards immigration, and have joined Republicans in calling on President Joe Biden to reinstate a stricter immigration and border policies akin to those employed during the term of former president Donald Trump.

Just hours after the passage of the massive bipartisan foreign aid bill – which has since been passed the Senate and has been signed by the president – a group of more centrist Democrats in the House of Representatives have asked the White House to pay more attention to the already burgeoning migrant crisis in the country. The liberal congressmen are asking the Biden administration to deport more migrants back into Mexico as well as remove others from the U.S. under the pandemic-era Title 42 policy.

The group is comprised of Democratic representatives Marie Gluesenkamp Pérez of Washington, Jared Golden of Maine, Mary Peltola of Alaska, Vicente Gonzalez of Texas, and Don Davis of North Carolina. The five were the only Democrats to break rank to support a bill sponsored by House Republicans that would provide criminal penalties to migrants who were caught destroying Border Patrol communication devices and transmit Border Patrol agents’ positions to others. Many migrants have taken to social media apps like TikTok to give other migrants illegal “advice” on how and where to cross the border illegally, with some such as a Venezuelan “influencer” even telling other migrants how to illegally squat and occupy private properties in America. The said influencer is currently in prison in Ohio, after he stopped making the required check-ins with immigration officers.

Many Republicans have often taken issue with the Democrats’ unwillingness to take a tougher stance on migrants, despite hundreds of thousands of them swamping the U.S. southern border, with thousands managing to cross into the U.S. illegally.

While many Republican lawmakers have complained about the White House’s focus on sending billions in foreign aid to countries like Ukraine while neglecting the U.S. border, enough of them have voted for the packages to make them law. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell recently said GOP lawmakers voted for recent foreign aid bills after realizing they would not get any traction on border security.

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