Hezbollah Leader Killed in Airstrike

(RepublicanDaily.org) – One of the elite leaders of terrorist group Hezbollah has died in an airstrike conducted by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Ali Ahmed Hassin was reportedly one of Hezbollah’s most important commanders, who was tasked with training and sending spies into Israel. He was also in charge of the terrorist group’s offensive against Israel in the Ramim Ridge, which has seen repeated attacks from rockets, missiles, and explosive drones.

Hassin, who is said to have held a rank equivalent to that of a brigade commander and headed Hezbollah’s Radwan strike force, was killed when the IDF attacked as-Sultaniyah, a small town located in the southern region of Lebanon. Also killed in the airstrike were two operatives under his command. Hassin’s death was also confirmed by Hezbollah, who announced that he died “on the road to Jerusalem,” which is code for operatives who are killed by attacks from the Jewish state.

In a statement, the IDF accused the fallen Hezbollah commander of “planning and carrying out terrorist attacks” against civilians in Israel, particularly those in the country’s northern region. Attacks against unarmed civilians was what characterized the deadly October 7, 2023 Hamas offensive against Israel that saw more than 1,200 people – including women and children – summarily killed by Palestinian militants. Hezbollah has been supportive of Hamas’ attacks against Israel and has, for the last several months, been attacking Israel from the north as a sign of its alliance with the Palestinian terrorist group.

Since it began its offensive against the Jewish state, Hezbollah has fired more than 3,000 rockets into Israel. The latter has retaliated with roughly 4,700 strikes into Hezbollah installations and bases in Lebanon. In fact, Hassim was not the first Hezbollah commander to fall to such strikes. Early this year, an IDF airstrike also managed to kill another top Hezbollah commander also from its Radwan unit, Wissam Tawil.

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