Hawaii Businessman Accused of Running a Drug Ring and Ordering Murders

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Hawaii-based businessman Michael Miske Jr. is set to face a jury trial this year, following an investigation that alleges him to be behind a large organized crime syndicate operating in the islands.

The circumstances surrounding Miske’s case seem to be straight out of a movie or soap opera. Miske is accused of masterminding the murder of Johnathan Fraser, who was best friends with the former’s son, Caleb. The two were bosom buddies who shared a love for cars, but when the two were involved in a car accident – Caleb was reportedly driving – and the younger Miske lost his life, his father reportedly blamed Fraser for the death.

According to authorities, Miske then enacted a long-running plot that resulted in the disappearance of Fraser, whose body has never been found and is believed to be dead – “they got rid of him in the ocean,” his aunt, Jean Tangaro, claims.

Miske owns several businesses in Hawaii, various companies in different fields, such as pest control, construction and contracting, and fishing. Miske also owns a nightclub called “M” in Honolulu, as well as several real estate properties. However, the businesses are allegedly legal fronts for his more nefarious activities which include drug dealing and other illegal activities. Observers have also remarked how Miske would employ rather violent characters to “resolve” business and even personal disputes, with people at the other end of the disagreement reportedly being threatened or suffering even worse fates.

The suspicions about Miske’s alleged illegal activities soon came to the attention of authorities, who then conducted an investigation. This culminated in a 2020 raid of Miske’s homes, after which a federal judge unsealed an indictment accusing the businessman of 22 counts of racketeering, with Miske and ten other defendants accused of a wide swath of crimes, including robbery, extortion, and even murder.

Prosecutors allege that Miske’s illegal business was established in the late 1990’s, and they say that they have collected a large amount of evidence of Miske’s illicit dealings from wiretaps, as well as testimony from hundreds of witnesses.

Miske’s trial began on January 8 and is expected to last for six months.

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