Governor Sununu Slams “No Energy” Trump

( – While former president Donald Trump continues to enjoy a significant degree of influence within the Republican party, a number of members of the GOP have decided to take a stand against the former chief executive.

One such personality is New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, who recently called out Trump for having “no energy.

“The guy can barely read a teleprompter right now,” Sununu added. The New Hampshire governor is supporting former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, who is now the lone candidate running against Trump in the Republican primaries. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fought until the last minute, only suspending his campaign just before the primary elections for New Hampshire, and eventually threw his lot in with the former president.

Sununu said that for her part, Haley does not want “establishment endorsements.”

Still, Trump managed to win the primary for New Hampshire, edging out Haley with 54.3% of votes, while the former governor was not too far behind with 43.3%.

The New Hampshire governor also called out Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for calling on all Republicans to united behind Trump following the latter’s victory in the New Hampshire primary.

“That’s nonsense,” Sununu said in an interview with Fox News. He added that only two states so far have had their primaries and that McDaniel’s statement essentially meant that the views and votes of the other Republicans in America don’t matter.

McDaniel previously said that the Republican party would take a neutral stance in the primaries, but after Trump’s New Hampshire win, she told Fox News that “I don’t see it (a path forward) for Nikki Haley.” Trump is the first non-incumbent candidate in the GOPs recent history to have won the first two state primary elections.

Conservatives “need to unite around our eventual nominee,” McDaniel said, who is “going to be Donald Trump.”

It is also worth noting that Nikki Haley has targeted Donald Trump over his mental health, saying that she feels he is “losing it.” It seems Trump’s opponents have a new tactic come 2024.

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