GOP Staffer Allegedly Robbed at Gunpoint

( – A staff member who works for the office of Republican Georgia Representative Mike Collins was robbed at gunpoint in Washington, D.C.

The alleged incident took place in the capital’s Navy Yard neighborhood, which has also been the site of other crimes – where even public officials have not been spared by criminals.

Collins related the incident in post on Twitter/X, saying that his staffer, who was with a friend, were accosted by three robbers, who were armed with guns.

He further related that one of the robbers “took a watch”, with another assailant taking a “fist to the face.”

The staffer and the companion were able to fend off the assailants and are both safe and unharmed from the incident, Collins said.

Violent crimes in the nation’s capital saw a 39% jump year over year, from 2022 to 2023, according to Metropolitan Police Department data. The crimes have predominantly been carjackings and robberies/muggings. However, the number of homicides in the city have also been on the rise, with incidents climbing by 35% in 2023 compared to 2024. This year alone, the MPD said that they have received reports of 448 cases of assault with a dangerous weapon, while the number of robberies reported to them to date stand 846. The total number of violent crimes so far are at 1,450 out of a grand total of 11,717 crime incidents in just roughly half a year.

Collins laid the blame on the devolving public safety situation in Washington D.C. on the feet of Democrats, whom he accused of pushing for “pro-criminal” policies. Policies, Collins added, that have made Washington D.C. a “war zone.”

Last year, also in the Navy Yard neighborhood, Democratic Texas Representative Henry Cuellar was accosted by gun-toting thieves who made away with his car. He was unharmed after allowing the thieves to take his vehicle.

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