GOP Rep. Demands Investigation Into Joe Biden

( – Seemingly not content with their impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, some House Republicans are calling on other government agencies to look into the president’s monetary dealings with his family.

In a letter addressed to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, Republican Pennsylvania Representative Dan Meuser said that the “potential lack of formal written agreements” or even promissory notes in the president’s $240,000 loan to his brother James Biden calls into question the “legality and transparency” of the transaction. The Pennsylvania representative said that suspicious factors in the deal between the two brothers warrant a separate investigation by the IRS, as he claims that the president might have collected interest on the loan but did not report the interest in his tax filings.

The loan between brothers first came to light as part of House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into the president.

Meuser said that if the IRS does not have documents on the loan, either the president failed to file his taxes properly or he “received kickbacks from his family who made millions perpetrating an influence-peddling scheme.” In a statement, Meuser also disclosed that in his prior experience as revenue secretary for Pennsylvania, labelling a large amount of money as a repayment for a loan is “one of the oldest tricks in the book” fraudsters use to dodge paying income or gift taxes. He also said that it was “very likely” that the Biden family “committed tax fraud and tax evasion.”

Meuser gave Werfel a February 16 deadline to respond to his letter.

The congressman from Pennsylvania has taken particular aim at the Biden family’s relationship with the tax-collecting agency, pointing out last year that the president’s son, Hunter Biden, received preferential treatment when the U.S. Special Counsel in charge of the case against the younger Biden, David Weiss, “deliberately avoided” looking into issues Hunter had with the IRS in the past.

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