GOP Lobbyist Reportedly Wanted Democrats Killed

( – One highly influential lobbyist and supporter of the Republican Party apparently expressed a desire to assassinate a number of key Democrats in Congress, according to a report from news outlet Mediaite.

The news outlet cited “audio of the conversation” it procured where Stone, a close ally and confidante of former president Donald Trump, allegedly said that either Democratic Representatives Jerry Nadler from California and/or Eric Swalwell, who is a congressman from New York, “had to die” before the 2020 elections.

Stone was supposedly talking to an associate, whom Mediaite identified as Sal Greco, in a restaurant in Florida. Greco was then a member of the New York Police Department who worked a second job as security detail for Stone to supplement his income as a police officer. Greco was with Stone in the Capitol during the January 6, 2021 riot. He was fired by the NYPD in 2022.

In the audio recording, Stone says that, “It’s time to do it,” referring to taking steps to have either or both congressmen murdered. Stone further says in the recording that “Either Nadler or Swalwell has to die before the election,” so that Democrats can “get the message.”

“I’m just not putting up with this **** anymore,” Stone tells Greco.

Representatives Swalwell and Nadler were then both members of the House Judiciary Committee. Stone apparently harbored strong animosity toward the two after they announced that the Judiciary Committee would look into then-president Trump’s decision to shorten Stone’s sentence. Stone was convicted of federal crimes in connection to the Russia investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mediaite spoke to who was familiar with the discussion said that the remarks were made with complete seriousness and not as a joke. The source further expressed concern that Stone was thinking about taking significantly violent steps to further his political agenda and discussing that possibility with a police officer and other militia groups.

Stone is also heard in the recording contemplating the abduction of Aaron Zelinsky, Mueller’s deputy who headed the prosecution’s case against Stone.

For his part, Stone has denied that he made the statements and has claimed that the voice heard in the recording was generated by AI.

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