Golden Gate Bridge Shut Down by Protestors

( – Pro-Palestinian activists are at it again, with a recent protest action in San Francisco managing to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge, causing chaos in the already congested and overcrowded liberal city.

The protest action, which has held at the peach or morning rush hour, affected thousands of motorists and commuters trying to get to work on a busy Monday morning.

“We’re just trying to get home or work, everyone’s just mad,” one commuter told a local news outlet.

The surprise rally was held in tandem with other protest actions in the city and surrounding environs, such as a section of the Interstate Highway 880 at 5th and Embarcadero in Oakland, as well as another protest close to the Port of Oakland, which impeded entrance into the port. Other protests were also held in Illinois, New York, and the Pacific Northwest.

Police said protesters were blocking traffic as early as 6:30am on April 15, with the rally on the Golden Gate Bridge happening around an hour later. Authorities were only able to open back up the iconic San Francisco landmark to regular traffic at around noon that day.

Protesters bemoaned that many members of the public have not been “informed” of the crisis and “genocide” in the Middle East.

“Babies are dying,” one protester cried.

Some protesters brought 55-gallon drums filled with concrete, and attached themselves to the drums with chains so they could not easily be removed. Others chained themselves to other people inside of cars, in a protest method that has been dubbed as the “sleeping dragon”.

The California Highway Patrol reported that 38 people were arrested in relation to the protests. They were charged with unlawful assembly, resisting arrest, unlawful stop on a bridge, refusal to comply with a lawful order, and false imprisonment and conspiracy.

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