George Santos Has an Interesting New Gig

( – Guess who’s making a return – Kitara Ravache, the drag queen persona of disgraced former Republican congressman George Santos, who said that he will now offer personalized greetings on the Cameo app using his alter ego.

In an announcement posted on Twitter / X, Santos said that Kitara greetings would be available on Cameo for a “limited time,” and that 20% of proceeds from the paid personalized greetings would go to several non-profit organizations. One is a pro-Israel philanthropic group International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and another, Tunnel to Towers Foundation, provides assistance to the families of the victims of 9/11.

The other 80%, Santos claimed, would be used to fund hair, makeup, and wardrobe expenses. “George Santos will make nothing,” he added.

Cameo is an app where people can order customized and personalized greetings from celebrities for a fee. The fee differs depending on how much the celebrity wants to charge. Santos priced his Kitara greetings at $350 each.

It was during his time in the House of Representatives last year that images of Santos in drag were first released to the public. Santos confirmed that the pictures were indeed of him, saying that he was “young” at the time and was just having “fun at a festival” in Brazil.

“Sue me for having a life,” Santos said back then.

However, Santos also said that it was “categorically false” to call him a drag queen or claim that he performed as a drag queen.

Since being booted out of Capitol Hill in December last year, Santos has been active on Cameo, which he claims has netted him a much larger income than his paycheck in Congress. He was removed as a representative after an investigation by the House Ethics Committee discovered that he had used campaign funds illegally to purchase luxury items. He is also been indicted for several offenses including wire and credit card fraud, falsification of records, and identity theft.

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