Funeral Home Mix Up Puts Wrong Body in the Casket

Funeral Home Mix Up Puts Wrong Body in the Casket

( – Losing a loved one is never easy, regardless of the circumstances. A dignified funeral service can be a helpful way to begin the grieving process, allow family and friends to come together, remember the deceased person, and start to find peace. Unfortunately, two sisters from North Carolina had precisely the opposite experience after the death of their mother recently.

When the Archer sisters received the casket supposed to contain their mother’s remains, they were shocked to discover another woman’s body lying there. The unknown deceased person was even wearing their mother’s clothes. One of the sisters claimed there were no physical similarities between their mother and the other woman, adding that her mother was much larger and her clothes did not fit the mystery woman.

To make matters worse, the funeral home refused to acknowledge its mistake. Hunter’s Funeral Home reportedly denied the woman in the casket was anyone other than who it was supposed to be. It eventually came to light that the sisters’ mother was in the embalming room at the facility.

The grieving sisters were, understandably, distraught by what happened. They said the whole situation would have been less frustrating had the funeral home admitted its fault from the outset.

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