Former President Bolsonaro Under Investigation

( – Former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has found himself mired in controversy yet again after the country’s authorities are investigating a two-night stay he made at the Hungarian embassy that some are saying was a preliminary attempt to flee the country and evade arrest.

Following his departure from the presidency at the end of 2022, the ultra-right wing former president of the South American country has been involved in several controversial incidents and is facing a slew of investigations and legal cases, ranging from the falsification of vaccination records, the sale of jewelry he amassed from illegal “gifts” made to him during his tenure, an alleged attempted coup d’etat, to the alleged harassment of a whale during a beach vacation.

The investigations into Bolsonaro have also extended to his son Carlos, whose home was raided by police in January over allegations that he misused Brazil’s intelligence agency for personal ends.

The Associated Press reported that the new investigation into Bolsonaro’s entry into the Hungarian embassy followed the publication of a New York Times story that showed security footage of the former Brazilian president being welcomed into the embassy by Hungarian ambassador. Bolsonaro has ties to Hungary through his alliance and close association with the country’s current prime minister, Viktor Orbán, whose far-right principles and leadership style are similar to that of Bolsonaro’s.

The police report on the incident will reportedly be sent to Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes, the magistrate who also ordered an investigation into allegations that Bolsonaro was plotting a military coup.

Bolsonaro was said to have been thinking of utilizing the military to help him remain in power after his presidential defeat to leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in October 2022. The former Brazilian president has denied claims of any conspiracy to overthrow the government. However, several military leaders have belied those denials, saying that Bolsonaro sent feelers to them asking if they would be open to joining a coup. The officials said that they rebuffed the requests.

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