Former Biden Ally Slams “Bidenomics”

( – Proof that President Joe Biden’s eponymous economic plan isn’t as effective as it is made out to be: A former staffer the president’s 2020 campaign has issued scathing criticism of the Biden-Harris’ focus on its economic initiatives, saying that the current campaign should just “let go” of talking about “Bidenomics”.

Speaking to Politico, Symone Sanders-Townsend, who is currently an MSNBC host, said that voters won’t understand the numbers, graphs, and finance-speak the administration likes to tout when it speaks about its accomplishments. Sanders-Townsend, who also worked as an adviser to Vice President Kamala Harris, said that voters need more “intimate” sessions with Biden, such as town hall meetings where he can take questions and address issues regular Americans can relate to.

“You can give folks all the numbers about GDP and all these other things,” Sanders-Townsend told the news outlet, “but the data doesn’t move people. Stories move people,” she added.

Sanders-Townsend also said that the administration has a tendency to “talk a lot about acronyms” while at the same time ignoring the “plain things” and failing to create messaging people can understand.

“They are not going to get ‘Bidenomics.’ Let it go,” she said.

She stressed that if Biden wants to win this year’s election, he and his campaign should “talk to real people” more, people in the, “barbershops, beauty shops, the Bible studies.” One major challenge, Sanders-Townsend said, was for the campaign to avoid being “insulated in the bubble.” The trend is very apparent during the majority of Biden’s public appearances thus far, where, Sanders-Townsend says, the president just reads of a teleprompter and then leaves.

The MSNBC host, who also worked on Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign from 2015 to 2016, said that the administration should also not be complacent when campaigning for the Black and Hispanic vote, saying that people of color should still be “treated as persuadable voters.”

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