Father Gets 50 Years for Poisoning Newborn’s Milk

(RepublicanDaily.org) – A man from South Fulton, Georgia, has been sentenced to spend 50 years in prison for poisoning his newborn daughter’s milk.

Curtis Jack told police that he committed the heinous crime in order to get out of making child support payments.

According to the lead detective on the case, Sergeant Pserda Dickerson of the South Fulton Police Department, Jack had a relationship with a co-worker in 2020, whom he got pregnant. He was reportedly against keeping the baby, and repeatedly tried to get the woman to terminate the child all throughout the nine months of the pregnancy.

The woman told police that after giving birth, she had to stay in the hospital and had to send her baby home. She asked Jack to buy some breastmilk and take it to her mother’s house, where the baby was being taken care of.

Shortly after, the infant became seriously ill, and was suspected of being poisoned. The baby was brought to the hospital and testing found that she had ingested ethylene glycol, a chemical ingredient of automotive antifreeze. Following an investigation, police identified Jack as a suspect and brought him in for questioning.

When questioned, Jack confessed to police that he indeed tried to kill the baby by mixing antifreeze into the baby’s powdered milk. Automotive antifreeze is a highly toxic substance, and even small amounts can prove deadly if ingested. Fortunately, the baby, who is now three years old, survived the ordeal and is doing okay, according to her mother. The baby was only 18 days old when the incident occurred. The mother’s name was not released to the public and she declined to give a statement to the public following Jack’s sentencing.

Once Jack was indicted, however, he recanted his earlier confession to police, but efforts from police detectives and the prosecution created a strong case against him. He was charged with several crimes, including attempted murder and cruelty to children.

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