Drew Darby Gets Exposed for “Fake” Endorsement

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Drew Darby, a Republican vying for a re-election to a seat in the state’s legislature, was caught using an old endorsement from Texas Governor Greg Abbott after the latter announced that he was endorsing another Republican running against Darby.

Darby reportedly featured the endorsement on his website, as pointed out by Corey A. DeAngelis, a popular school choice activist. In truth, however, was that Governor Abbott was endorsing fellow school choice supporter Stormy Bradley. Bradley is challenging Darby for his seat on the state’s legislature.

The support for school choice was apparently a key factor that led to Abbott’s endorsement of Bradley, whom he endorsed in December last year. School choice is a movement that supports allowing the allocation of public school funds to aid families and parents looking for alternative educational institutions or services that better fit their needs and personal convictions. The movement has gained a lot traction in recent years, as conservatives protest the inclusion of subject matter such as trans rights, gender identity, and critical race theory in many public schools’ curriculums and programs.

Governor Abbott is a strong proponent of school choice, and has a history of going against lawmakers who are anti-school choice and anti-school vouchers, even those who belong to the same political party. In November last year, Abbott endorsed another school choice activist, Hillary Hickland, who is challenging the incumbent Republican, State Representative Hugh Shine.

Darby has now ostensibly deleted the endorsement from his website – likely helped along by the fact that the camp of the Texas governor sent a cease-and-desist letter to Darby’s campaign over the matter.

The letter not only demanded that Darby take down the endorsement, but also called him out for misrepresenting Governor Abbott’s position, “which serves only to confuse voters about who the conservative candidate in the race actually is.”

The real question is, the letter further reads, “what other matters have you [Darby] tried to confuse voters on?”

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