Donald Trump Jr. Sent a Mysterious White Powder

( – Donald Trump Jr., the son of former president Donald Trump, received a death threat recently in the form of a mysterious white powder that was sent to his mansion in Jupiter, Florida.

Hazmat teams were immediately dispatched, but the substance was later determined to be “non deadly.” Police are still investigating the incident, and the exact nature of the white powder, which Trump Jr. did come into contact with when he opened the envelope it was in, has yet to be identified. Initial tests on the substance came up inconclusive.

A representative for the former presidential son also confirmed the incident, and gave reassurances that Trump Jr. was safe and was not in any danger.

Speaking to the Daily Caller, Trump Jr. bemoaned that such threats to his life and that of his father and family have become “too commonplace.”

“This type of crap is unacceptable,” Trump Jr. said. “Clearly, if this happened to a prominent Democrat,” he continued, “it wouldn’t be tolerated.”

Trump Jr. added that if such a thing happened, the media would immediately blame Trump and the Republicans, and the coverage would last for weeks on end.

But since it happened to him, “radical haters on the left will largely get a free pass,” the Trump scion said. He also attributed the event – along with another incident during his father’s presidency that also affected his wife and kids – to the “left’s hatred of my father.” It was a hatred, he said that “would drive people to do such crazy things.”

The death threat comes on the heels of a recent court decision against Trump Jr., his father, and his brother, Eric Trump. Judge Arthur Engoron, who presides over Trump’s New York civil fraud case, has ordered the three to pay millions of dollars’ worth of fines for supposedly overinflating their net worth in order to secure more favorable loans from banks and other financial institutions.

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