Diddy’s Home Gets Raided

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Federal authorities raided the homes of rapper turned businessman Sean “Diddy” Combs over accusations that he is involved in a trafficking ring.

Feds combed through Diddy’s homes, located in Los Angeles and Miami, which are both located in the high-income neighborhoods of Holmby Hills (L.A.) and Star Island (Miami).

In a statement, Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) confirmed that they conducted the raids in connection with the sex-trafficking case, with the assistance of other law enforcement agencies.

Aerial footage captured by Fox News from L.A. shows federal agents conducting the raid, as well as detaining a number of people who were coming out of the music mogul’s $40 million mansion in Los Angeles. Other reports indicate that among those arrested was Brendan Paul, who is among Comb’s entourage, for alleged possession of cocaine and candy laced with marijuana.

Combs was also supposed to leave for spring break for a yet unknown destination accompanied by his school-age children. Reports also said that authorities had to stop Comb’s plane from taking off from an executive airport in Miami, with the rapper opting to remain in the U.S. after learning of the raids of his homes.

While the raids were conducted in Los Angeles and Miami, the investigation into the allegations is being headed by U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York.

The rapper, though his lawyer, Aaron Dyer, has slammed the raids, which he said were conducted with “military-level force” and an “overuse” of government power. Combs has also denied all accusations against him, calling the investigations into him a “witch hunt” based on “meritless accusations.

Combs is facing lawsuits stemming from claims from multiple women who allege that he raped and sexually assaulted them. The women also claim that he committed other forms of sexual abuse, such as forcing them to have intimate relations with other men while he watched. The lawsuits were the first source of the information regarding Combs’ alleged participation in a human-trafficking ring and also name Paul, the entourage member who was arrested, as the rapper’s “drug mule” who was supposedly tasked with routinely procuring illegal substances and other prohibited materials.

Federal authorities are still investigating the allegations related to the sex-trafficking, but have not charged Combs as of press time.

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