DeSantis Promises To Veto GOP Proposal That Would Help Trump

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be endorsing former President Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean he’s OK with using Florida’s tax dollars to help pay for Trump’s legal expenses.

Just a little more than a day after dropping out of the Republican presidential primary and endorsing the former commander-in-chief – or “kissing the ring,” as the Florida governor describes it – DeSantis promised to veto a proposed bill in the state legislature aimed at sending millions of dollars to help protect Trump from the weaponization of the courts employed by “the Biden Administration and even Blue States.”

The proposed bill was put forward by State Sen. Ileana Garcia, and if it passed, would see the state hand up to $5 million to the embattled former chief executive, who is facing multiple lawsuits and indictments. However, Garcia announced that she would be withdrawing the bill following DeSantis’ statement that he would veto the measure.

DeSantis’ endorsement of Trump is also seemingly on the surface only, as he warned that the low turnout in the Iowa caucus – which Trump won – are a symptom of Republican voters who are now disenchanted with the former president. In an interview on the “Steve Deace Show,” DeSantis said that there were many conservatives who “did not want to see Trump nominated again” but were told repeatedly by “corporate media” that Trump was “juggernaut” and the only candidate capable of defeating President Joe Biden. As a result, these Republican voters “just totally dropped out of the process,” the Florida governor said.

DeSantis also predicted Trump’s win in the New Hampshire caucus, but said that the lower turnout in the polls among Republican voters would continue in other caucuses in the country. He said the prevailing mindset among conservative voters would be, “‘We’re doing this again?,” referring to what is shaping up to be another contest for the White House between Biden and Trump in November.

“It’s a huge warning sign for Republicans, nationally,” DeSantis added.

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