Democrats Gang Up on Steve Garvey

( – Steve Garvey’s first political debate appearance did not go well for him.

For one, being the lone Republican in the debate meant that all the other candidates – Representatives Adam Schiff, Barbara Lee, and Katie Porter – all took aim at his proposed policies, which are largely antithetical to their own.

Second, he has little campaign – much less debate – experience, making it easier for more polished politicians to create a better projection of themselves.

“Once a Dodger, always a Dodger,” went a wisecrack by Representative Katie Porter.

One major focal point for the Democrats was trying to pin down whether Garvey supports former President Donald Trump, especially if the former wins the Republican presidential nomination.

Garvey refused to give a straightforward answer, saying that he would only decide if and when Trump does win the Republican primary.

It did not help that the former baseball star often struggled to express his policies and ideas properly, and in then end resorted to trite platitudes and slogans, and countless baseball references.

When the topic shifted to homelessness, Garvey said that he “touched” and “listened” to homeless people, Lee, who herself experienced homelessness several years ago, said that Garvey’s way of describing indigents was belittling.

“A total swing and a miss,” Schiff told Garvey.

“You’re banging on that trash can, just like the Astros did,” Garvey said of his opponents’ behavior, referencing the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal in 2017.

Still, while California is predominantly seen as a strong Democratic territory, there are still a significant number of Republican and conservative voters in the state. And given widespread issues such as the crisis at the border, as well as rampant homelessness and a high cost of living that directly affect a large percentage of the population, observers say that it would be foolish to discount Garvey as a contender.

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