Democrat Strategists Silently Admit to Biden’s Lack of Accomplishments

( – A number of advisers to the campaign of President Joe Biden have apparently wised up on the ineffectiveness of the president’s pointing to his supposed accomplishments during his first term, advising that it would be more useful and productive to focus on attacking former president Donald Trump instead.

“He needs to stop,” said an anonymous source inside the campaign of Biden’s efforts to bandy thinks like the eponymous “Bidenomics,” as they are not resonating with many voters. Many Americans – including moderate and anti-Trump Republicans whom the Biden campaign are hoping to flip to their side – continue to grapple with the effects of inflation and the increase in the prices of many basic commodities despite a modest decrease in the country’s inflation rate.

“He wants the credit, but it’s not working,” the source said. Insiders in the Biden campaign are also urging the president to focus on trying to dismantle and discredit Trump’s proposed economic initiatives instead, along with Trump’s corporate-friendly policies.

Ron Klain, who was Biden’s first chief of staff and is now a part of the campaign’s advisory team, has reportedly echoed the sentiments, saying that the president was too focused on what he has built. Instead, Klain said that Biden should connect with voters more and focus on their economic needs and concerns in the present, and try to present solutions he would put into place if elected for a second term.

Biden faces the unique challenge of trying to reconcile the fact that while his administration has defied earlier economic predictions of a recession, America is also experiencing the effects of severe inflation. The situation is such that ordinary Americans have to contend with much higher prices of daily goods and services, as well as a poorer growth in the jobs sector – despite the U.S. having a strong economy on paper. Trump himself has capitalized on this, pointing to lows in gas prices and other goods during his tenure – although these were more a result of the pandemic than anything else.

All this have resulted in the economy – along with immigration – being one of the biggest issues voters have been frustrated with. In May, a poll released by ABC News/Ipsos showed Trump leading Biden by 14 points on issues such as the economy and inflation.

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