Democrat Deletes Controversial X Post

( – A Democrat lawmaker took down a tweet after receiving backlash for its racist undertones.

In attempt to weigh in on the controversy surrounding the book of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Democratic Florida Representative Jared Moskowitz put up a post perpetuating the stereotype that Asians eat dog meat.

Governor Noem, who is currently rumored to be among the candidates that former president Donald Trump is considering as a running mate in the upcoming presidential elections, is mired in controversy over an excerpt in her upcoming book where she claims that she met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Noem has asked the publisher to take out the anecdote before the book hits bookstore shelves after many questioned the authenticity of a meeting between the two.

Noem has not directly confirmed – nor denied – if she indeed met with the North Korean leader. The South Dakota chief executive only said that the anecdote about the meeting should not have been a part of the manuscript submitted to the publisher.

Noem’s book entitled, “No Going Back” is an autobiography of sorts, providing the governor’s perspective and thoughts on much of her adult life – being part of her family’s farming business, her stint in the Capitol, as well as her time serving as governor of the Mount Rushmore State. The upcoming book has seen some controversy, particularly over a story where Noem relates her having to put down an overly aggressive hunting dog and a “demon goat” while she was working in her parents’ farming business.

The part where she claims that she met with North Korea’s Un has also drawn attention, which was where Representative Moskowitz decided to quip, “”Why am I getting the feeling that she wanted to eat dog with Kim Jong Un.”

Moskowitz posted the comment on Twitter/X, but took it down after reporter Nicholas Wu pointed out that the Florida Democrat was perpetuating a stereotype against Asians. Moskowitz has also apologized, saying that he would “never want to be insensitive and feed into a stereotype.” He also said that he “deserved” to be called out for the post.

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