Creator of Pop-Tarts Dies at 96 Years Old

( – William “Bill” Post, the inventor of one of America’s classic snacks, the Pop-Tart, has passed away 96 years old.

Post was part of the team at Kellogg that developed the iconic snack, which has become a staple in many American’s pantries. Post was said to have developed the idea from the concept of dehydrating dog food to preserve its freshness. In a similar manner, Post developed the breakfast pastry and enclosed it in a foil package to keep it fresh. The product was first introduced to American consumers in 1964 with the name “Fruit Scones.” The name was later changed in an attempt to capitalize on the pop art movement that was popular at the time.

Born to Dutch immigrants in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Post began his career in the food industry as a truck washer for a local bakery named the Hekman Biscuit Company. He was 16 at the time. Hekman Biscuit Company would eventually grow to become American cookie company Keebler. Post left his job to fight for the U.S. and Allies in World War 2, serving in the Army Air Corps. When he came back from the war, he went back to work for Hekman Biscuit Company while attending Calvin College in Michigan at the same time. Post was eventually promoted to plant manager when he turned 21.

Post was eventually approached by executives from Kellogg who wanted to tap into Keebler’s expertise in developing a new product – which would eventually become the Pop Tart. Post was always quick to credit the team he worked with on that project, saying that they were able to develop the Pop Tart in just four months.

Post continued to work for Keebler, temporarily relocating to Illinois so he could work at the cookie company’s corporate headquarters. He continued to climb the corporate ladder until his retirement at 56 years old. Post was senior vice president of the company by then. He continued to work after that, serving as a consultant to Kellogg for two decades. Post and his family were able to move back to Grand Rapids after Kellogg bought Keebler in 2001.

Post’s wife, Florence, passed away in 2020. He is survived by two children, seven grandchildren, and 10 great grandchildren.

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