Crab Cakes Recalled After Life Threatening Warning Issued

( – An “undeclared ingredient” in a popular packed processed seafood has been issued a recall over concerns that the undisclosed component may eaten by people with allergies to it, which can cause death for consumers with severe allergic reactions to it.

The recall covers certain crab cake packages made by County Road Seafood, specifically 4-ounce crab cake packages have two of the items inside, and have been distributed in North Carolina and South Carolina.

According to the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the crab cakes were made with mayonnaise, which is in turn made from whole eggs. Eggs are not included in the food product’s list of ingredients nor is there an allergy warning for the said component. Only blue crab, wheat, and soy are listed as possible allergens.

County Road Seafood admitted to the mistake, saying that the product was “not properly labelled,” leading it to issue a voluntary recall. There are no details, however, on how the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services found out that the product contained eggs. No illness or allergy attacks related to the consumption of the crab cakes have been reported as of press time.

There is no indication of the UPC or lot codes used for the packages, but the cakes are contained in a clear, vacuum-sealed plastic pack, labelled with the County Road Seafood branding, and were sent to distributors and retailers from August 26, 2022, to May 9, 2024. Health authorities have urged those with egg allergies to dispose of any of the said products they have in their possession.

Eggs are among the nine major food allergens, and can cause anaphylaxis in certain people who are severely allergic to it. Earlier in the year, a woman with a severe peanut allergy died after eating Florentine cookies sold by Stew Leonard, a Connecticut-based Northeastern supermarket chain. The cookies’ label failed to include peanuts as an ingredient, and was recalled following the woman’s death.

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