Comedian Attacks Pinata After Trump News

( – After a viral video showing former president Donald Trump hugging a black supporter in Atlanta, a new poll has shown that the ex-commander-in-chief is also gaining traction with Latino voters.

A new survey by the Sienna College shows the former chief executive leading President Joe Biden among Latino voters, with 42% saying they supported Trump, and 39% saying they support the current occupant of the White House.

Similar to black voters, Latino voters have typically leaned towards the left, but there are signs that these voters are preferring more conservative policies as opposed to liberal initiatives, which have become more and more progressive in recent years, often to the detriment of these communities.

The immigration policies of the Biden administration appears to be one of the critical factors that has contributed to the shift in sentiment, as current policy is extremely favorable towards migrants, with many receiving benefits from local governments – often in Blue states and cities – while black and Latino communities struggle for better opportunities and funding from these same governments.

One Latino comedian, however, was extremely unhappy with this shift in sentiment. Actor John Leguizamo, in a guest hosting for the “Daily Show,” expressed disappointment in the results of the Sienna College poll, bemoaning the effectiveness of what he called Trump’s “lazy *** strategy.”

“Clearly, Trump isn’t making any effort to get Latino voters,” Leguizamo told the audience, “or make them a priority,” he added.

The monologue segment then has the comedian pulling out a pinata, which he proceeds to pummel with his fists while screaming expletives in Spanish at it.

Leguizamo then sits back down and warns that the Latino community’s biggest concern – inflation – is not an issue Trump is qualified to handle, claiming that the former president has no solution to the rising costs of living in the U.S.

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