Blood Pressure Medication Recalled Over Cardiac Arrest Fears

( – A recall has been issued over a medication for blood pressure over risks that the pills could lead to cardiac arrest in users.

A total of 135 batches of potassium chloride extended-release capsules from Glenmark Pharmaceuticals and American Health Packaging — on behalf of BluePoint Laboratories — were voluntarily recalled due to the possibility that the medication could cause cardiac arrest. Glenmark, which issued a voluntary recall on June 24, is accountable for 114 batches of the medication, while American Health and BluePoint, which issued their own recall the following day, are accountable for 21 batches of the pills.

Notices have also been issued to distributors, retailers, and pharmacies around the country to pull the medication off the shelves for now.

The flaw in the medication specifically relates to how it dissolves – the medication does not always dissolve completely, which in turn leads to the possibility of it causing the patient to experience hyperkalemia, or overly high potassium levels. Patients suffering from hyperkalemia will experience irregular heartbeat, which in turn creates a serious risk for cardiac arrest. There is also increased risk of kidney problems for patients with preexisting conditions, as well as severe muscle weakness.

The medication is meant for patients suffering from low potassium, or hypokalemia, the opposite of hyperkalemia.

Fortunately, the two firms said that at the moment, there have been no reports of users experiencing the adverse effects associated with taking the medication.

The companies also advise patients who are on the medication to consult with their respective healthcare providers or physicians if they are experiencing any adverse symptoms and also consult before stopping the medication.

The FDA in turn, is urging customers who experience adverse symptoms from taking the medication to report such incidents to the agency’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program. Consumers can report through an online form, or by mail or fax.

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