Biden Says No US Troops Died During His Term, Which Is a Lie

( – President Joe Biden false claimed during his last debate with former president Donald Trump that there have been no deaths among U.S. troops during his tenure.

“The truth is I’m the only president this century that doesn’t have any (deaths in the military) this decade,” Biden said during his allotted speech time during the debate.

Fact checking shows, however, that 13 U.S. service members lost their lives during the U.S. troop pull out of Afghanistan in 2021 when a suicide bomber detonated a device at the Abbey Gate at the Kabul Airport.

Families of the fallen heroes who died that day were livid at the president’s statement, with one, Mark Schmitz, saying that he had to stop himself from punching his TV when he heard the president say what he did.

Schmitz, whose son Marine Corporal Jared Schmitz was one of the fatalities in the suicide attack said that he and his family and friends were shocked at the statement. He said that his phone “blew up” with the sheer number of messages expressing disbelief at Biden’s audacious and false statement.

“[I felt] beyond ticked off, [and] disrespected,” the elder Schmitz said.

But on the other hand the elder Schmitz also said that it was also an opportunity for the rest of America to see how poorly the president and his administration have been treating its servicemembers.

The father of Marine Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui, another soldier who died that day, Steve Nikoui, had similar sentiments. He said that he was shocked but “not surprised” by the president’s statements, given that the Biden administration has made a habit of refusing to “honor the service and sacrifice” of servicemembers like his son who died in the line of duty. The elder Nikoui also blamed Biden and his administration’s “incompetence” in the troop pull-out in Afghanistan, which led to the death of his son and others.

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