Biden Downplays Trump’s Iowa Caucus Win

( – The re-election campaign of President Joe Biden is apparent not worried at all over former president Donald Trump’s landslide win in the Iowa caucuses, with the president saying that “I don’t think it means anything.”

The president issued the comments when reporters recently asked him what impact Trump’s win in Iowa would mean for his own re-election efforts. Biden said that his predecessor was free to “think anyway he wants,” despite winning by some “50-some-thousand votes,” which the president said was “the lowest number of votes anybody who’s won got.”

Around 110,000 voters made their voices heard in Iowa’s Republican caucus this year, a lot less than the roughly 187,000 voters who showed up to the polls for the 2016 Republican caucus in the Hawkeye state. Turnout by GOP voters was the lowest it ever has been in 24 years, Business Insider reported, saying that severely adverse weather conditions also played a huge part in lowering voter turnout.

“This idea that he’s going to run away… let him make that judgment,” the president added.

Biden’s sentiments were echoed by top Democrats, who also trivialized Trump’s first success in the caucuses.

“All of these Republican candidates are singing the same, terrible song,” Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker commented.

ABC News reported that a senior aide in the Biden campaign said that they have data showing that three-quarters of voters are still unconvinced that Trump will win the Republican presidential nomination – data which could account for the continued optimism among Democrats.

Nevertheless, the president has continued to poll poorly, a fact that has not been ignored by Republicans keen on winning back the White House from the Democrats.

“Anyone can beat him,” Republican presidential hopeful and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said on a recent airing of ABC’s “This Week” weekend segment.

Data from poll aggregator shows Biden’s average approval rating at a mere 39.3% with disapproval standing at 55.4%. In comparison, 43.1% of Americans have a favorable view of Trump, while 51.8% feel the opposite way.

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