Biden Considering Deployment of American Military Contractors in Ukraine

( – The administration of President Joe Biden is reportedly considering allowing military contractors to see action in Ukraine, which would be the first time armed personnel from America would directly participate in the country’s drawn-out war with Russia.

Since Russia began its invasion of the neighboring country in 2022, the U.S. government has barred any U.S. military personnel from participating in combat there. Given the heightened tensions between Washington and Moscow, the U.S. is trying to stem perceptions – claims often bandied about by Russian officials and sycophants of Russian president Vladimir Putin – that America is engaging in armed conflict with Russia through the war in Ukraine.

Besides financial aid and a supply of weapons and armaments, the U.S. has largely aided the Ukrainian military in the repair and maintenance of equipment. However, the process is expensive and time consuming, as the equipment has to be shipped out to NATO-member countries like Romania or Poland first before U.S. personnel can work on them. The U.S. also provides consultation services with the Ukrainian military, but only through video conferencing or a secure phone connection.

However, the proposal, if approved, would now allow the Pentagon to offer contracts to U.S. military contractor firms to deploy privately-contracted armed forces to deploy in Ukraine. Sources inside the government say that the presence of military contractors will help speed up the repair and maintenance of military equipment, but were unclear on whether or not contractors will also be involved in active combat in the region.

The sources have stressed, however, that the proposal will still face extensive discussion and deliberation, and no decisions have been made on the matter.

“We have not made any decisions and any discussion of this is premature,” said one source.

However, the measure could be approved as early as this year, and American military contractors could be deployed to Ukraine before the end of 2024.

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