Biden Clashes With Media After Special Counsel Report

( – While the report of Special Counsel Robert Hur regarding the fracas involving President Biden and his team’s mishandling of several classified documents did not recommend the filing of criminal charges, it did, however, imply that the president may not be the best candidate to handle another four years in the White House.

In his report, Hur described the president as “sympathetic [and] well-meaning,” but reasoned that it would be counterintuitive to charge Biden with criminal wrongdoing. Part of Hur’s 300-page report said that it would be difficult to convince a jury that the president knowingly committed any crime given his being an “elderly man with a poor memory.” Hur further wrote that should Biden even face a jury, he would already be “well into his eighties” and it would be difficult to prove that the president committed a felony crime “that requires a mental state of willfulness.”

Hur was tasked to look into the discovery of several highly classified documents in Biden’s home in Delaware as well as his office in Washington D.C. The documents indicated, among other things, “sensitive intelligence sources and methods,” as well as military initiatives and important data on U.S. foreign policy pertaining to Afghanistan.

In a recent press conference, Biden said he agreed with Hur’s report – except for the part where the Special Counsel said that he had poor memory.

“My memory is fine,” Biden told members of the press as he claimed to have put America “back on its feet.” He further claimed that “I don’t need his [Hur’s] recommendation.”

I know what the hell I’m doing,” the president said.

White House officials and Biden allies were also quick to denigrate Hur over his report, saying that the Special Counsel “went off the rails.”

The report was a “shabby work product,” Biden’s lawyer, Bob Bauer, said.

Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas also accused Hur of improper conduct when he included “gratuitous, unnecessary and inaccurate personal remarks” about the president in his report.

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