Biden Calls Out Israel After Airstrike Kills Humanitarian Workers

( – President Joe Biden has issued a strong rebuke against Israel after a missile strike from the Israel Defense Force resulted in the deaths of several humanitarian aid workers in Gaza.

Israel has not done enough to protect aid workers,” Biden said, adding that since the Jewish state began its armed campaign against Hamas in Gaza, aid groups have had a very difficult time distributing much-need supplies to civilians who have been caught in the middle of the conflict.

“Incidents like yesterday’s simply should not happen,” the president said. Biden also scored Israel for the number of civilian casualties resulting from the war, and noted that this was not the first-time aid workers have been killed.

“This conflict has been one of the worst in recent memory,” Biden noted, “in terms of how many aid workers have been killed.”

Israel has acknowledged the incident, with Israeli Prime Minister Banjamin Netanyahu saying that “It happens in war.” The Israeli government has promised to conduct an investigation into the incident and said that it would take steps to ensure that it does not happen again.

Among those who were killed were seven members of World Central Kitchen (WCK), a relief organization founded and run by Chef Jose Andres, who has become famous for giving out free meals in disaster and war-torn areas around the world.

Andres, who has spoken to both the U.S. and Israeli governments about the incident, condemned what he called “indiscriminate killing” in Gaza. He also belied Israel’s claim that everything was an accident, saying that the aid convoy the WCK workers were in was targeted “systematically, car by car.” The celebrity chef also said that his organization had previously coordinated with Israeli military, and all vehicles were clearly and prominently marked with the World Central Kitchen logo.

“This was not just a bad luck situation,” Chef Andres said, “where ‘oops’ we dropped the bomb in the wrong place.”

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