Ashley Biden’s Thief Sentenced to One Month in Prison

( – A woman responsible for stealing Ashley Biden’s diary has been sentenced to spend a month in jail.

The suspect, 41-year-old Aimee Harris, said that she was paid $20,000 for the stolen diary by Project Veritas, a controversial group known for conducting sting, ambush, and hidden-camera operations against politicians, government officials, news outlets, and other public figures.

Aside from her 12-month prison sentence, Harris was also ordered to spend three months in home confinement once she is released from prison.

In her decision, Manhattan Judge Laura Taylor Swain called Harris’ actions “despicable” and “heinous.” Harris also gained no friends in court after repeatedly not showing up for hearings; prosecutors were initially just asking for a 10-month home confinement sentence, but her conduct prompted the prosecution to ask the court for a harsher punishment, namely prison time.

According to a letter penned to the court by U.S. Attorney Damian Williams, Harris’ sentence should also factor in “the manner in which she has abused the administration of justice throughout the pendency of this court proceeding.” Williams accused the defendant of “misleading the Court with false information” in an attempt to “improperly delay” the court proceedings related to her case, as well as multiple instances of failing to comply with court orders.

Harris pleaded guilty to stealing the diary in 2022. Aside from the journal of President Joe Biden’s daughter, the defendant also stole copies of Ashley’s tax records, a digital storage device containing private Biden family photos, a mobile phone, and a number of other items. She was also charged with conspiring to transport the stolen items over state lines.

Harris reportedly got access to the items while staying at a house in Delray Beach, Florida, where Ashley Biden also coincidentally lived in for a time. The defendant conspired with another individual, Robert Kurlander, to sell the items to the campaign of former president Donald Trump. After being rebuffed, it was then she decided to approach Project Veritas.

Kurlander also took a guilty plea, but has yet to be sentenced.

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