Arizona Chairman Resigns After Leaks

( – The chairman of the Arizona Republican party has stepped down from his post following allegations that he attempted to offer money to Republican candidate Kari Lake to forgo running for the Arizona state senate.

An audio recording has surfaced where Arizona’s GOP chair, Jeff DeWit, is heard telling Lake that “there are very powerful people who want to keep you out” of contention for the state senate. The conversation between DeWit and Lake supposedly happened in early March of last year.

In the recording, which was published by The Daily Mail, DeWit added that those same “powerful people” would have no qualms in putting “their money where their mouth is, in a big way.”

DeWit also told Lake, one of former president Donald Trump’s staunchest allies as well as a prospective candidate for vice-president, that he believed that the former president’s campaign was doomed and it was time to give other Republican candidates a chance.

Lake was indignant throughout the conversation and did not take kindly to essentially being “bought,” as she describes it during the call.

A part of the conversation goes, “Just say, is there a number at which….”, DeWit is heard asking Lake, who cuts in by saying, “I can be bought? That’s what it’s about.” She adds that her principles are not for sale, not even for a billion dollars.

“’This is not about money, it’s about our country,” Lake tells DeWit.

DeWit makes more offers, phrasing them in a different way, but Lake always adamantly refuses. When the former Arizona GOP chair finally relents, he asks that Lake keep their conversation confidential.

Following the release of the recording, DeWit said that he opted to step down, claiming that Lake’s campaign pressured him to do so or else they would release even more incriminating recordings. He said that his resignation was done “in the hope” that Lake would “honor her commitment to cease her attacks.” The claim was denied by Lake’s team, saying that no one from their camp blackmailed or threatened DeWit.

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