Andrew Jury Found Dead in Prison Just Hours Before Trial

( – Reality TV star Andrew Jury, who rose to fame through the reality TV series “Married at First Sight,” has passed away at the age of 33.

Family members confirmed the news of his death. His father, Roy Jury, said that Andrew, who was arrested on April 2, was currently in prison at the Mt. Eden Corrections Facility when he died. The prison is located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Jury, who died on June 27, was scheduled to appear before a judge on charges of “assault with intent to injure,” as well as “willful damage and possession of an offensive weapon,” just a few hours after he died in custody.

Roy claimed that Andrew had been “struggling” during his stay in prison, and bemoaned that authorities failed to notice any red flags after Andrew started becoming withdrawn, even from his family. Roy said that before his son died, he had concerns regarding the state of Andrew’s mental well-being, which became especially apparent as his court date drew near.

The reason behind Andrew’s death is still unknown and is still being investigated by law enforcement and prison officials.

Andrew was one of the contestants / participants in the Married at First Sight reality TV show that came out in 2017. He, along with his other co-stars, were matched with other strangers, all of whom agreed to be married – like show’s name, at “first sight”. Andrew’s partner in the show was Vicky Gleeson-Stokes. The did get married but faced struggles after their wedding leading to them breaking up after the show’s finale aired.

Warner Bros. Discovery, the studio behind Married At First Sight, sent a statement offering their condolences to the Jury family, and said that cast members had access to mental health professionals even after production on the show ended.

His co-participants in the show also paid tribute to their late co-star, saying that it was an “absolute pleasure” to have worked with Andrew and stressed that he was “friendly” and was always “the life of the party” despite the challenges he faced.

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