Anarchists Burn Car Outside of Democrat’s Home

( – A group of self-proclaimed “anarchists” burned a car down in front of the home of a Portland, Oregon city commissioner.

The vandals made their move in the wee hours of the morning, torching a 2024 Honda Accord parked in front of the house of Commissioner Rene Gonzalez, who lives in the Eastmoreland neighborhood located in the southeastern section of Portland. The vehicle was owned by one of Gonzalez’ family members.

The fire was first spotted by a neighbor, who then called Commissioner Gonzalez’ wife, who then called 911. Firefighters from the Portland Fire Department were dispatched and were able to extinguish the fire, preventing it from spreading to any nearby vehicles or structures, and no one sustained any injuries. Police also said that initial inspection of the site and damaged vehicle indicate that the fire was intentionally set. The incident is being investigated as an arson.

Gonzalez has often found himself the target of leftist vandals who oppose his policies on homelessness and public safety. The commissioner recently passed rules that prohibit city agencies to give away tents and tarps to indigent people sleeping on the streets. The commissioner is a relative newcomer to politics – he defeated his predecessor, Jo Ann Hardesty, during the last election. Hardesty was a progressive who advocated for issues such as defunding the police.

The attack was claimed by an unnamed anarchist group, who posted about the incident on a local anarchist blog for the Portland area. The blogger wrote that they used a fire starter and said that they regret not setting fire to the other vehicles as well.

“Let this serve as a warning,” the blog post read, “to the politicians and their capitalist cronies.” The blog post also posted a call to action, saying, “Solidarity means attack!”

The blogger also dedicated the attack to anarchist “elders”, such as environmental activist Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, who was shot by Atlanta police during a protest action last year. Teran allegedly engaged law enforcement officers in a gunfight, prompting police to shoot back and eventually kill him.

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