580,000 Coffee Mugs Recalled Due to Burn and Laceration Fears

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Dozens of people have been injured by defective coffee mugs that broke apart when it came into contact with hot liquid.

The defects, which affect coffee cups that are under the “JoyJold” brand of drinkware, prompted a recall on the products. The exact name of the product is “JoyJolt Drinkware Declan Single-Wall Glass Coffee Mugs,” which come with a model number of JG10242. The glasses were sold as a set of six 16oz. glass mugs with handles, which were distributed and sold by MM Products. The set carried a price of anywhere from roughly $20 to $25, and were manufactured in China.

A recall notice posted on the website of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission indicate that the glass mugs may break when hot liquids are poured into it. The breaks come in the form of anywhere from small leaks to total breakage of the drinkware that could also cause people using it to get burned by the hot liquid inside the mug. According to the recall notice, around 580,000 units of the defective product will be subject to the recall. Customers who have already purchased the item can return it for a refund. The notice adds that the items would have been bought on Amazon or from MM Products’ JoyJolt website beginning September 2019 until roughly May 2022.

The recall also indicates that to date, there have been 103 reported incidents of the glass mug’s base breaking upon contact with a hot beverage. As a result, 56 people sustained injuries such as burns all over their body. Seven people were hospitalized and had to get medical care – such as stiches and surgery – as a result of the incident.

The company has also made itself available to consumers with concerns – people can call JoyJolt at 888-569-5680, or send an email with any questions or concerns to [email protected].

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