Young People Are Historically Joining the Right Wing

( – Recent demographic polls discovered a record number of young people, Millennials and younger, are switching their voting preferences from the liberal left to the conservative right.

The trend of Millennials and Gen Z becoming “more right-wing” has been on the rise for a while now. In December 2022, Charlie Kirk, the founder and president of Turning Point USA, made note of the fact that despite media reports, the “unbreakable hold” that the Democratic Party seemed to have on the American youth was not as powerful as it seemed.

However, despite the record shift of Millennials to the right, this demographic is reportedly not alone in changing political factions. The recent political analysis found that, within the last decade, almost every demographic has “shifted” to the right.

Recent political analysis has varied from media analyses taken in 2022. In 2022, political commentators analyzed that, while previous generations of voters got “more conservative” as they got older, Millennials did not appear to be doing the same thing. The Millennials that were surveyed in these analyses spanned the political spectrum of United States and United Kingdom politics.

Academic studies taken in January explained that it is “hard to know” if Millennials are on trend with previous generations because the study has been itself “ambiguous.” Nick Beauchamp, a political science professor at Northeastern University, explained that media analysis had not specified whether the studies conducted researched the “age, period and cohort” factors of political opinion. To fully understand a political demographic, political scientists have stated that one must look at the age of the voter, the period and what is happening in the world around the people, and the unique cohort, or group of people with specific characteristics, that person belongs to.

Research has shown that the conservative youth movement was still going strong as of April of this year, however, it was not performing as well in the polls. Reportedly, Charlie Kirk and other conservative leaders such as Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, and Matt Walsh, staked a “bet” that youth would become more “conservative” with age, and have thus been targeting the younger generation. Yet, despite the “historic” right-wing shift that conservative leaders have reportedly observed, the movement seems to have a difficult time getting the youth to the polls, media reports claimed.

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