World Health Organization Considers Declaring Monkeypox a Global Health Emergency

World Health Organization Considers Declaring Monkeypox a Global Health Emergency

Another GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY May Be Declared Worldwide

( – The world is in the process of recovering from the greatest global health emergency in living memory; the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, it now appears we’re just about to head into another such situation, albeit a less serious one. According to reports, the World Health Organization (WHO) is currently pondering whether to officially state there is a global health emergency in relation to the monkeypox virus.

Is Monkeypox the Next Pandemic?

On Thursday, June 23, the WHO convened its emergency committee to discuss whether to officially declare a global health emergency. If the international agency does decide to use this designation in relation to monkeypox, it will trigger a rapid escalation of the global response to the virus, which is currently most prevalent in Central and West Africa. National leaders in the region have been pressing international health agencies to do more to stem the spread of the disease for some time now.

However, the problem is now starting to grow in more developed countries. The United Kingdom (UK) is currently the worst-affected country in Europe, with 800 confirmed monkeypox cases in the last month. This figure represents a 40% increase in case numbers in the country in the span of just five days.

On Wednesday, June 22, the World Health Network (WHN), a separate organization from the WHO, issued a press release officially declaring monkeypox a pandemic. Although the agency has similar goals and methods of operation, it’s not as widely recognized and accepted as the WHO.

Would This Be the Right Move From the WHO?

While certain countries have pushed the WHO to make this declaration, some analysts have raised the alarm about potential risks associated with the move. Critics have posited that focusing too heavily on the monkeypox virus could cause the divide between rich and poor countries around the world to widen. If the WHO decides to make monkeypox a global emergency, it could send a message the disease only became worthy of international attention when it started affecting wealthy nations.

Monkeypox is not a new problem, globally speaking. It has been a significant issue in African countries for a number of years. There was one major outbreak in Nigeria in 2017, during which hundreds of individuals developed the disease, but the WHO did not declare an emergency at the time.

Analysts are also skeptical of the proposed benefits of declaring an emergency in relation to monkeypox. The WHO stated COVID-19 was an international emergency in January 2020, but the virus caused few changes in day-to-day life until individual countries began imposing containment measures several weeks later.

Do you think declaring monkeypox a global health emergency is the right thing to do?

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