“Woke” Police Chief Gets Fired After Giving Promotions Based on Race and Gender

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The idea of “wokeness” has spread rapidly throughout our culture in recent years, and some of the results have been undeniably absurd. When Progressives let their beliefs about gender and race influence their real-world decisions, the outcomes can be disastrous. A recent story out of Florida provides a perfect example.

According to reports, Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Larry Scirotto lost his position over allegations he handed out promotions on the basis of candidates’ gender and skin color. Scirotto was reportedly on the force for just six months prior to his dismissal. He became the city’s first-ever openly gay police chief at the time of his appointment.

Complaints about Scirotto reportedly began coming in from several other officers alleging the chief was giving promotions on the basis of gender, sexual orientation and race. On one occasion, Scirotto allegedly inquired which of two candidates for a given promotion was more black. After a colleague challenged him on this issue, the story says, he backtracked and claimed his focus was on selecting the person who best represented the community.

Following his dismissal, Scirotto stood his ground in a local media interview, claiming his fellow officers had taken him out of context when quoting him in their reports.

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