Winter CRISIS – Biden Sent Emergency Warning!

Americans Ask Biden To Prepare for Possible Winter Crisis

Americans Ask Biden To Prepare for Possible Winter Crisis

( – The weather is getting colder, winter has already taken a couple of swipes at the US, and Americans — faced with stubbornly high inflation and high fuel prices — are worried about getting through the next few months. Stockpiles of heating oil are low; utility companies in the northeast are looking nervously at remaining supplies of natural gas. Now they want President Biden to help — but is he still too wedded to his green agenda?

It’s still fall, but oil fuel dealers in Connecticut have already imposed rationing. Industry experts are warning that in the northeast, diesel, heating oil, and natural gas stocks are a fraction of what they usually are at this time of year. Prices are already high, and scarcity will just push them higher. If this winter is much colder than average — and meteorologists are predicting it will be — the cost of heating a home with natural gas could be 51% higher than last year. Massachusetts utility company Eversource — the largest in New England — has asked President Biden to declare an emergency to avoid gas shortages.

The administration isn’t completely ignoring appeals like this. On November 2, the White House announced $4.5 billion in aid for heating costs over the winter. That money will only go to low-income families, though. To help the rest of the country, Biden needs to expand domestic gas production — and back down on his green politics.

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