Will Trump and Pence Run Together Again in 2024?

Will Trump and Pence Run Together Again in 2024?

(RepublicanDaily.org) – There is a growing possibility that former President Donald Trump will run for the White House in 2024. Initially reluctant to openly discuss his plans, he has more recently dropped hints that he will once again seek election to the nation’s highest office. If he does so, however, he may not be taking former Vice President Mike Pence with him.

On Saturday, June 5, when asked whether he would run with Pence again, Trump said it was “too early to be discussing running mates.” The former president has publicly criticized Pence over his stance on the Capitol Hill incident on January 6.

It appears Pence might be interested in forging his path rather than cozying up to Trump. The former VP spoke at the Lincoln Reagan Dinner in New Hampshire last Thursday, an essential unofficial campaign stop for presidential hopefuls. While noting that he was proud of what he and Donald Trump had achieved together, he said they might never “see eye to eye” on the topic of January 6.

Could Mike Pence really hope to challenge Trump for the GOP nomination? Who will Trump choose as his running mate?

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