Wildfire in Germany Hits Military Training Site

(RepublicanDaily.org) – A wildfire in Germany got out of control when the wind picked up and blew fire into a military site, causing fire to catch in munitions.

The fire caught on near Jueterbog, Germany, an area south of Berlin. Conditions were exacerbated by the dry conditions in eastern Germany in recent days. As dry weather persisted, the authorities upgraded a local fire threat to what media reports identified as the “second-highest” tier of fire emergency alert threat.

At the time of this report, the German authorities had told local media that the wind had been a “problem” for fighting the local fire. Fire engines, which were responding to the scene on Wednesday, June 7, were scheduled to remain on the site through the night and into Thursday, June 8.

Local fire authorities explained efforts to control the fire included removing area “pine trees” since Monday, June 5. The teams on site sectioned off the “forest fire zone” and, using a helicopter from the federal police along with a firefighting plane, the crisis response teams carried on with fire-controlling efforts into the afternoon of June 7 local time.

Local responders described the battle with the wind as a “struggle” with “no end in sight.” This struggle has reportedly gone on for a week in the area where munitions are stored, local reports explained.

A local media outlet released a gallery of photos of the fire zone. Pictures showed smoke billowing and flames racing in what the media described as a “daily race” to put out the blazes. Photos also showed the dry conditions that have affected eastern Germany leading up to the inferno. The wind has reportedly caused the flames to lick back up and smoke and burn “stronger” than before.

Local media reported that “90,000 tons” of water had been dropped on the fire from the helicopter support overhead. Likewise, firefighters fought the fires on the ground from paths. Local media explained that the difficulty has been greatly increased because of all the munitions in the area adding to the blaze.

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