Who’s Likely to Take the White House in 2024?

Who’s Likely to Take the White House in 2024?

(RepublicanDaily.org) – It’s not yet certain who will be the US president in 2021. While the mainstream media have declared Joe Biden the winner of this year’s election (along with Biden himself), there are a number of legal challenges to the reported result still outstanding. Once the various allegations of election fraud are properly explored, Donald Trump could well be sitting in the Oval Office come February.

That aside, some people have already begun to speculate on who might win 2024’s presidential election. We’ve taken a look at some of the leading candidates here.

Donald Trump

If Donald Trump’s legal challenges to this year’s election succeed, he will not be able to run again, as he will have completed the maximum two terms in 2024. If the challenges fail, though, Trump will be a definite frontrunner in four years’ time.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s name has to be mentioned here. However, given his ailing mental faculties and the fact he will be 82-years-old by the time the next election comes around, it’s nearly impossible to see him succeeding. He got away with a lot in 2020 because of anti-Trump hysteria and panic about the COVID-19 pandemic; he will not be so lucky again.

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is liberal enough to succeed as a Democrat, but not so radical that she alienates voters. She already looks like a far more credible candidate than Joe Biden, and that balance will continue to shift in her favor over the next four years.

Mike Pence

Having had a distinguished tenure as vice-president, Mike Pence’s name will be in the shake-up in 2024 if Donald Trump’s isn’t. Given the current president’s popularity, it’s difficult to see Pence going up against him.

However, if that competition isn’t there, Pence would stand a great chance of claiming the Republican nomination. The election season of 2020 unveiled him as a strong campaigner with excellent speaking abilities and a keen understanding of policy.

The Rest

On the Left, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s names have all been mentioned as potential candidates for 2024, though all are likely too radical for the office. From the Republican side, Nikki Haley, Josh Hawley, and Tom Cotton could all make a bid. Haley, in particular, appears to have potential; as a woman of color, she could do a lot to appeal to Progressive voters.

There are also a couple of wildcards in the mix. Actor Dwayne Johnson has hinted at having ambitions to run, and Kanye West has already announced his intention to try again, having appeared on the ballot in nine states in November.

Because there’s still so much confusion around who has won 2020’s election, it’s difficult to make predictions about who will triumph in 2024. At such a tumultuous time for our country, however, it’s not too early to start wondering about the direction the White House should take.

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