White House’s Alleged Plan to House Trans Criminals With Women Leaked to Public

White House's Alleged Plan to House Trans Criminals With Women Leaked to Public

(RepublicanDaily.org) – The issue of trans rights has been an increasingly thorny one in recent years, and it’s now presenting new difficulties with incarcerated individuals. Should male-born offenders who identify as female be allowed to reside in female cellblocks? Many people don’t think so, citing security issues for female-born inmates, but the Biden administration doesn’t appear inclined to follow this line of thinking.

On Wednesday, January 5, The Federalist broke news of an alleged leaked proposition for an executive order from the White House from December 2021. While the document primarily focuses on measures to decrease funding allocations for police departments, it also contains a provision regarding the treatment of incarcerated trans women. Specifically, it would instruct prison officials to “designate individuals to facilities” on the basis of their “gender identity.”

As critics have noted and real-world examples have illustrated, this kind of policy puts female prisoners in danger by potentially allowing male sex offenders easy access to potential victims. Washington state prisons have recently begun housing self-identified trans women in female prisons, and multiple reports of sex crimes perpetrated by these individuals have since emerged.

Is this a necessary part of social progress, or is it a simple case of liberal politics gone mad?

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