White House Takes VICTORY LAP Way Too Soon!

White House Takes Victory Lap For Student Loan Cancellations That May Not Happen

White House Takes Victory Lap for Student Loan Cancellations That May Not Happen

(RepublicanDaily.org) – Superstar entertainer Taylor Swift was all over the global media last week after the massive demand for tickets for her US tour forced Ticketmaster to take the public sale offline. The story caused a lot of debate about high ticket prices and Ticketmaster’s quasi-monopolistic influence on the entertainment market, but the Biden White House viewed it as an opportunity to tout its own success in introducing student debt relief.

Following news that Ticketmaster’s website crashed, White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain published the tweet below noting that the website facilitating student debt relief applications had processed eight million requests in a little over a day without encountering difficulties like Ticketmaster’s.

The tweet quickly drew critical responses, with commentators highlighting that the debt relief program has yet to provide a single dollar for those who stand to benefit. US District Judge Mark T Pittman, a Trump appointee, recently ruled that the program is an unconstitutional exercise of power by the Biden administration and blocked it from proceeding. The administration has filed an appeal, causing the Department of Education to halt applications pending its outcome.

Do you think the Biden Administration’s loan forgiveness scheme will progress as planned, or will it fail to overcome legal challenges?

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